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Kayla Roles

Student, Kansas State University

Kayla Roles is a student at Kansas State University studying Industrial Design, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership.

- Mitzi Vernon, Dean School of Design at University of Kentucky
- Anson Cheung, Industrial Designer
- Ann Lai, ID student at University of Washington
- Carter Heikkila, ID student at University of Washington

Creative Burnout: Suffocating the Future Of Design

Education Symposium
Panel Discussion

Sept 14, 2022

Main Stage

9:20 AM - 10:00 AM

Creative burnout is a major inhibitor for creative individuals that is often overlooked or dismissed. The purpose of this study is to better understand creative burnout and its effects on creative individuals, gaining insight on how to prevent, cope with, and eliminate creative burnout.

A 22-question online survey was distributed via email and anonymous link. 90 survey responses granted significant results and great insight into burnout causes and effects in creative individuals. Three semi-structured interviews were conducted in-person and online via Zoom. Participants were recruited via email and determined based on their level of experience. The interviews granted significant insight into individual burnout, coping methods, and potential preventative strategies.

Results of the study indicate that participants experience burnout symptoms such as low motivation, anxiety, and irritability due to work, personal expectations, failure, and school. Preventative measures include spending time with family / friends, physical activity, and playing / listening to music. Further research can be continued to develop products in the following areas to reduce burnout: Fitness, Music, and Personal Task Organization.




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