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Ana Pinto da Silva

CEO and Founder, 2G3R

2G3R CEO and founder Ana Pinto da Silva drives transformational change at the intersection of housing, healthcare, and technology, delivering home and community solutions that help people thrive. Ana has led future-forward design innovation initiatives traversing healthcare, education, civics, shopping, and productivity for Amazon, Microsoft, NBBJ, and others. Ana is deeply committed to serving the creative community. She is the founder of the Seattle Pecha Kucha speaker series, one of the longest running PK city series in the world, and is the founding chair of the Harvard Graduate School of Design's global Design Impact initiative.

Designing Community: Delivering the Future of Home, Health & Care in the 21st Century

IDC Presentation

Sept 13, 2022

Main Stage

11:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Covid 19 has re-written our understanding of community, underscoring the fundamental importance of home while shining a klieg light on vast health and wellness disparities arising from the impact of structural racism. As a design innovation community, we must take these challenges head on, centering equity, inclusion, and diversity as central drivers for innovation as we reimagine the future of community in the 21st century.

Given the powerful intersection of the virtual and physical world, might we [re]frame our spaces, places, and practices of community, re-defining our notions of together to deliver new visions for a more equitable, resilient and sustainable world in a [post-]pandemic era? How might we investigate, co-create, and locate places that can reconnect people to themselves and to each other across spaces, places, and geographies to enhance collective wellbeing, and deliver better health outcomes for all?

In this session, you will learn:
1. How the intersection of design and technology can deliver homes and communities that foster health and wellness at scale.
2. How to imagine a future where housing delivers its promise to create more resilient, equitable communities.
3. Opportunities to innovate at the intersection of home/health and community.




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