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Ryan Chen

Executive Director of Strategy, Bresslergroup

Ryan Chen

Ryan Chen studied industrial design because he wanted to create great products. He soon realized good design starts before a designer gets involved. Getting an MBA from the University of Oxford helped broaden his perspective to include the business strategies that drive product development. With a Bachelor's in Industrial Design from National University of Singapore, he already understood the design processes that bring products and ideas to life.

Ryan has worked across disciplines (industrial design, user research, and design strategy); borders (Singapore, Belgium, China, Thailand, and the U.S.); and industries (consumer electronics, household products, and healthcare). His career has been a process of constantly reinventing and challenging himself in different settings. Formerly Lead Designer at Tupperware and Senior Designer at Philips Design, his designs have won prestigious international awards including the iF Design Award, Red Dot, and Good Design. At Bresslergroup, which has recently merged with Delve, Ryan works in the "fuzzy front-end" of innovation. He leads the strategy team to help clients demystify the ambiguous, view challenges with new insight, and adopt a more strategic approach to design.

A true designer at heart, Ryan spends his time outside of work making a wide variety of things, from pottery to wooden furniture to glass speakers.

Visionary Product Strategy

Main Stage

Track 5

Thurs - Sept. 23

5:30 am EDT

The most successful brands center the product experience while developing their brand strategy. Creating products that help users solve a problem or achieve a goal as only that brand can is the best approach to long-term success.

In ‘Visionary Product Strategy,’ Ryan Chen breaks this down from the POV of an industrial designer turned innovation strategist. Specifically, he’ll discuss:

• Innovation Strategy techniques to create robust, future-driven brand strategies by anticipating and planning for shifting consumer behavior
• Case studies from three industries: educational, consumer, and commercial
• Recommended actions to help shift a company’s mindset toward centering the product experience

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