The International Design Conference is a celebration of the diversity, overlap and undeniable power of design. This landmark annual event presents participants with a truly unique experience that is so more than just speakers from a stage. With an eclectic mix of interactive workshops, off-site experiences and talks from some of the world’s most influential design voices, IDC packs a powerful punch.

With roots as the national meeting of the Industrial Designers Society of America, the IDC has grown into something much bigger. However, at its core will remain a platform for amplifying the unique and bold voice of Industrial Design. We recognize that our creative community is not binary and the role of design today is constantly shifting. Once siloed disciplines now overlap and blur. To face this reality, it is critical that we open the conversation to as many creative perspectives as possible in the interest of developing a shared dialog that advances our ability to collaborate and magnifies the impact of our work.

IDC invites design professionals to Chicago, IL for a three day gathering unlike any other. If you work in the fields of Industrial Design, Graphic Design, User Experience, User Interaction, Speculative Design, Design Management, Service Design, Experience Design or Branding, then IDC will have something for you.

“Get ready for a sensory-oriented playground purpose built to
ignite your creative mind
and deliver inspiration.”


That’s it. Our Surprise Me! tickets are sold out! Ticket sales resume in May 2019.


Design has evolved 

The need for cross-disciplinary dialog is more urgent now than ever been before. Connect with hundreds of designers from around the world in a discourse that expands your lexicon, challenges assumptions and breaks down barriers.


Stay hungry

Preparing for the future means putting yourself out there and doing the work. Interactive sessions hosted by leading design experts provide you with new tools and methodologies critical for building your skill set and advancing your career. 


Value is experienced

Active participation is a vital element of creating memorable moments. IDC grants countless opportunities for socializing with other attendees through kick-ass parties, studio tours and after-hours events all geared towards maximizing your complete conference experience.