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Student Merit Awards Presentations

Charlie Hodges, IDSA | ArtCenter College of Design

IDSA West District Undergraduate Student Merit Winner 2018
A former professional ballet dancer, Charlie Hodges, IDSA, Charlie Hodges, IDSA, earned his degree in product design from ArtCenter College of Design with a concentration in Designmatters in social innovation. Transferring his passion for ballet to the design world, Hodges continues to connect with and inspire his audience, providing consumers with inexpensive, environmentally friendly solutions to everyday situations. This award, he says, is a byproduct of the motivation and generosity of his instructors, who continue to shape Hodges’s work and creativity.

Lily McClure, IDSA | Drexel University

IDSA Northeast District Undergraduate Student Merit Winner 2018
Influenced heavily by the artistic endeavors of her parents, Lily McClure, IDSA, graduated from Drexel University’s Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design with the hope of merging her passions for both imagination and experimentation, which she says are the keys to artistic ingenuity. With an eye for prioritizing simplicity over aesthetic, McClure is optimistic that her product designs will encourage consumers to think more deeply about such hot-button issues as climate change, medical impairments and conditions, and consumer waste.


Jonathan Seto, IDSA | University of Houston

IDSA South District Undergraduate Student Merit Winner 2018
A Mississippi native, Jonathan Seto, IDSA, graduated from the industrial design program of the University of Houston as a first generation college student and the son of immigrant parents from Hong Kong. The ethnically diverse climate of his design program, he argues, had a major influence on his creative development, opening his eyes to the expansive nature of the design world and clarifying his position within it. Moving forward, Seto hopes to apply an aesthetic of simplicity and implied intention to resolving the everyday problems of his consumers.

Lydia Swedberg, IDSA | Purdue University

IDSA Midwest Undergraduate Student Merit Winner 2018
Lydia Swedberg, who served as president of the IDSA student chapter of Purdue University for two consecutive years, interweaves her passion for design with that of geometry and anthropology. These studies, which Swedberg believes are intrinsic to the creative process as a whole, continue to expand how the New Hampshire native defines the role of the designer in today’s world: one that not only designs but also researches, innovates and acts as a catalyst for change. Fostering designs that seek to render both simplicity and symmetry, Swedberg has faith that her multi-disciplinary approach will one day contribute positively to society.  


Olivia Wilmink, IDSA | The Ohio State University

IDSA Central District Undergraduate Student Merit Winner 2018
A Cincinnati native, IDSA Central District Student Merit Award winner  The small, intimate nature of The Ohio State University’s industrial design program was a major influence on Central District Student Merit Award winner Olivia Wilmink, IDSA. Instilling within her a deep respect for collaboration and personal support systems, her program, in conjunction with IDSA, taught her the value of seeking out and maintaining connections with other designers. Balancing her creative passions with an engrained pragmatism, the Cincinnati native hopes to offer designs that fulfill the consumer’s needs in a method that is both innovative and practical.

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