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The Time Traveler's Dilemma


The Time Traveler's Dilemma

Pamela Bailey | Design Leader | Facebook
Ricardo Marquez | Designer, Coach & Entrepreneur

Product teams have a thirst to create and innovate, but there is tension as we have demands to get sh*t done and deliver on today’s P&L. This looks like a race to deliver vs. dramatic reinvention to transform the business.

Unlike time travel movies whose heroes journey to the past, designers venture to the unexplored future as they imagine a better way. Upon their return to the present, designers face the challenge of translating the opportunities they see with the reality of what is today and influencing their partners’ hearts and minds to see the same future—beyond the immediate tomorrow.

What if cross-functional product teams could “time jump,” by imagining a new and innovative future experience together, translating that better future into the day-to-day delivery of products? Pamela Bailey and Ricardo Marquez will share their view of how to transform what designers do intuitively into “time-travel” techniques that bring teams along for the ride.

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