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Tactile is a product and UX design firm founded in 2004. Blending physical and digital design, we craft products with lasting relevance for influential brands. Tactile is based in Seattle, WA with an office in Boston, MA. We’re made up of industrial designers, interaction designers, graphic designers, and engineers.


Through research and strategy, we create sought-after products and experiences that matter.We believe great tools can cultivate positive and meaningful experiences. By helping to improve the working and living conditions of others, we create a more sustainable future for everyone. And we’re guided by the principle that functional should also be beautiful and enjoyable.


For over 15 years we’ve relied on building trust and collaborative relationships with our clients. To which we've developed lasting partnerships with Microsoft, Starbucks, Panasonic, ecobee, Genie, and more. We’ve built a culture that fosters an open and honest approach to design and product development.

Pathware teamed up with Tactile to help design a holistic product solution for their innovative real-time slide reading device, Bioptic. Leveraging Tactile’s core disciplines—UX, ID, CMF, and branding—Bioptic is both elegant and design-forward, bringing Pathware’s unique vision of the future together in their all-new device.


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