At Samsung, we believe technology will push us forward. But at the same time, innovation driven solely by ever-evolving technology will not be enough to bring a meaningful change. It’s only when the effort is accompanied by a genuine understanding and empathy towards people, a meaningful innovation can be achieved. This is why people is at the very core of Samsung design. And we believe a good design should bring positive change to people’s lives. By taking on the bold challenge, designers at Samsung Electronics are striving to bring the meaningful innovations to the world.


Be bold. Resonate with Soul.

Ever since its foundation, Samsung Electronics have not spared constant interest and investment in design. Starting with just one designer, it has grown into a team of approximately 1,500 designers. The role of our designers has expanded beyond exterior design to include implementing integrated experiences. We have diversified our team and became a truly converged organization. To achieve the aim of enhancing our expertise in various fields including; user experiences, service, and strategies, we have invited experts from humanities, engineering, and other areas as well as industrial design experts. This change enables creative thinking and intuition to be applied and, accordingly, leads to a better synergy effect. In the future, our designers will strive to create new value of life through integrated experiences that go beyond providing just one good product.

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For over 50 years, the Industrial Designers Society of America has worked to advance the practice of industrial design through education, information, community and advocacy.  Our roots stretch to the beginning of the profession and our members are, and have been, some of the most celebrated industrial designers of all time. Today, we exist as a global voice for industrial design within a broad ecosystem of design disciplines and we celebrate the cross-functional overlap of many creative fields.

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