Submissions accepted through May 29, 2021

No sales pitches allowed. Seriously.

The International Design Conference showcases multi-disciplinary design through multi-sensory experiences on the main stage. We will cultivate a shared understanding that allows designers from all backgrounds to rally around common themes and challenges. We will proclaim our passions so that others may be inspired by them. We will honor our individuality while making it undeniably clear that we are stronger when we collaborate. 

Because of our unique 24-hour continuous content format, you will have the opportunity to present to a worldwide audience from time zones that span the globe. 

What we ARE looking for:

The IDC seeks submissions for talks and interactive workshops that stimulate deep thought and offer a unique exploration of “I Design For _______________”.


Your 'fill in the blank' answer to this simple provocation will set the audience down a pathway of self-reflection and stir an insatiable need for more. Your response to this call will provide real-world inspiration, tools, and methodologies our audience can incorporate into their own practice.


Your contribution to this assembly will be memorable and distinct to the IDC. We are searching for the very best presentations that represent the forefront of design today and open the door to what we can expect in the future.

We are particularly interested in stories of real impact as they relate to industrial design, user experience, interactions, branding, culture, workplace, inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, emerging technologies, design methodology, and design education.

Speaker sessions available:

  • Keynote (45 minutes with 15 minutes Q/A)

  • Main Presentation (20 minutes with 5 minutes Q/A)

  • Panel Discussions / Fireside Chats (length not to exceed 45 minutes with 15 minutes Q/A)

  • Hands-on, learning workshops (length not to exceed 45 minutes with 15 minutes Q/A)

What we are NOT looking for:

Commercials. Jargon. Fluff. Sales pitches. Canned presentations. Peanut butter with no jelly. You get the idea! Please respect this simple request.

What you can expect as a speaker:

IDC 2021 will be held virtually. We know it is not the same as meeting in-person, but we can still deliver creative content and an exceptional attendee experience even if we can’t be physically together. The success of our conferences and events relies heavily on your professionalism, expertise, and individual flair. We’ll do our part to help you succeed so that we all walk away with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Speakers are offered coaching and orientation sessions in the weeks leading up to the event to refine and elevate talks to the highest standard. 

It is not IDSA standard policy to offer honorariums, travel, or expense reimbursement for your participation. As a non-profit organization, we operate inside extremely tight budgetary constraints in order to provide members and participants the most value for their spend with us. Keeping our expenses down helps to keep our events affordable for as many participants as possible. Our hope is that you will find our events to be a compelling platform that is worthy of your time and investment, as well as an opportunity for your own professional growth and heightened visibility within the design community. Depending on the speaking session you are selected for, we can offer a complimentary or deeply discounted registration.

Who you will present to:


Design and business professionals from a wide spectrum of different but related disciplines including: Industrial Design, Graphic Design, User Experience, User Interaction, Futures & Speculative Design, Design Management, Service Design, Experience Design, Branding, and more!

Submission form:

All fields are required.


By submitting the information to present at IDC 2021, the presenter agrees to the following:

  • Attend speaker orientation video conference call prior to IDC

  • Provide presentation materials to IDC organizers by designated date

  • Maintain my allotted presentation time window

  • Present content as submitted / approved by IDC content team

  • Be present as much as possible during IDC

  • Promote IDC through my social / professional network 

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