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Patricia Miller, IDSA

CEO, M4 Factory

Patricia Miller, IDSA

Patricia Miller is the CEO and owner of Matrix 4, a design and manufacturing house in Woodstock, IL that supports makers of all sizes across several phases in one house: design, engineer, tool and plastic injection mold, and FDM 3D printing manufacturing. Building an American Factory in Chicagoland, focused on Regenerative Design and Responsible Manufacturing MADE MEANINGFULLY as we move to a Circular Economy and do better for People, Product, and Planet.

Previously, Miller was a marketing executive with Halozyme Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company commercializing new products that target the extracellular matrix for diabetes, autoimunne diseases, oncology, and dermatology. She was responsible for marketing strategy, business development, and profit and loss across the company’s proprietary and partnered programs.

Miller worked with Eli Lilly on strategic major-market product launches in the United States and globally in the publications Neuroscience, Diabetes, and Men's Health.

Defining Excellence: A Look Inside the IDEA Jury Process and the Impact of Design Awards


Panel Discussion

August 24, 2023

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Join members of the 2023 IDEA Jury for a panel discussion on the intersection of sustainability, accessibility, and social impact. These thought leaders will delve into the evaluations and how the top IDEA winners are addressing social issues and moving the conversation of circular design forward.

We will discuss entry trends and what the jury wants to see more of, and how crucial it is to incorporate sustainable practices and materials into the design process, ensuring products are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally friendly. We will also address the vital aspect of accessibility, discussing how inclusive design can empower individuals with diverse abilities and create products that are usable by everyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive limitations.

This panel aims to inspire designers and innovators to embrace a holistic approach that includes sustainable and accessible design principles, ultimately fostering a more equitable and environmentally conscious society.

About IDEA

The International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) is one of the longest running and most prestigious design awards programs in existence. IDEA winners are responsible for some of the most successful and significant products ever created.

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