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Benjamin Bush, IDSA

Assistant Professor, Auburn University

Benjamin Bush, IDSA

Assistant Professor Benjamin Bush is a designer, mentor, and educator hailing from the woodlands of eastern Alabama. He believes in hard work, nontraditional learning environments, instilling fun into all walks of life, and building a studio culture that champions teamwork and authenticity.

He teaches sophomore and senior students at Auburn University through their design studios, foundational studies, digital prototyping, and portfolio classes. Benjamin also leads study abroad programs to Ireland and the UK and volunteers with the outdoor design conference known as SHiFT.

Industrial Design Education Census V 2.0

Education Symposium

World Cafe

August 25, 2023

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Breakout - Majestic

What is the make-up of industrial design (I.D.) faculty in the U.S.? How diverse are they in terms of gender, ethnicity, background, and experiences? What types of degrees do I.D. faculty have and where did they earn them? Those are the fundamental research questions that drive this ongoing research. This rationale is based on the notion that being taught by diverse faculty and being exposed to a wide variety of role models, might support increased diversity amongst design students and future young professionals. Currently there is inconclusive data (if any) available focused on the demographics of industrial design educators. In response the research team pursued the “industrial design education census”, which is now in its second round of data collection. The first iteration revealed unexpected patterns in the career paths of design educators. For the second iteration the research team added qualitative interviews to a revised survey in order to uncover further details. Our goal of this research is to craft a series of best practices for the purpose of achieving greater diversity in students, faculty, and ultimately in the design profession.

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