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Mardis Badley has designed award- winning products and experiences in the field of Medical Devices, Neuroscience, Wearables, Transformational Technology, Consumer Electronics, and many more. He has designed for Nike, Facebook, Logitech, Dell, Intel, Chevron, Jiffy Lube, Corning and many smaller nnovation-driven companies. Mardis has 21 patents to his name and has garnered hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and venture capital funding for his clients.

Mardis is a Co-Founder and Creative Director at Nonfiction, a San Francisco-based design and innovation consultancy. Together with his partner and wife, Phnam Bagley, he engages clients that align with the studio’s vision; to turn science fiction into reality for a better future. This ethos aligns cutting-edge innovation with behavior change and manufacturing to produce products with impact.

Nonfiction is a multidisciplinary studio made of industrial designers, architects, computational and generative designers, researchers, and strategists with backgrounds stemming from around the world. This diverse and varied atmosphere encourages innovation, collaboration, and cross-pollination of ideas.

Mardis speaks internationally on the subject of design and sustainability. He believes that a deep understanding of the object and all the related systems is needed to create products and experiences in balance with the environments they will be used.

Prior to Nonfiction, Mardis co-created a personal audio brand called Felt Audio. While there, he shepherded products from initial design concept through manufacturing and distribution to retailers worldwide. He built a small team to develop the entire product experience including the brand, website, retail kiosks, and marketing collateral.

In addition to operating a design consultancy in San Francisco, Mardis is an Adjunct Professor in Industrial Design at the California College of the Arts. He teaches Sustainability & Social Impact, and Thesis studios.




September 13

10:00 - 10:45am CT

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