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Tim Hulford, IDSA

Director of Industrial Design, Meta

Tim Hulford is a design leader with a passion for delivering thoughtful, functional, and intentional design. His background is deeply rooted in technology, producing influential designs that have spanned across many industries. Tim's current focus is on human connection and the empowerment of Meta's global network of 3.5 billion people through thoughtful and skillfully crafted products. As a long time member of IDSA, Tim is a familiar presence at IDEA ceremonies. Over the years, his contributions have been recognized by IDEA with three Gold, three Bronze, and most notably Best in Show in 2019.

Designed to Disappear

IDC Presentation

Sept 12, 2022

Main Stage

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

The past 20 years of tech evolution has led to a remarkable reduction in physical objects - evident both in the homes and desks where we work as well as the raw physicality of the devices themselves. “Designed to Disappear” is a mantra you hear everywhere in every tech company, but are they really saying the same thing? In this 30 minute segment, Tim will share perspectives from his nearly 20 years of designing technology along with his thoughts on what it means to truly “disappear," and once design has achieved its goal, where it might go from there.

The audience will learn...
- Perspectives on the function of minimalism
- The forces that drive uniformity and conservation in tech
- Provocations on the skills and tools ID might need to learn to evolve with tech over time




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