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Lunch-N-Learn Workshop

Presented by KeyShot

Don Tuttle is a passionate digital artist with 22 years of experience leading design teams and creating 3D product renderings for brands like HP and OtterBox. As a senior 3D artist and team leader, he has trained industrial designers, CMF teams, engineers, and marketing directors. Don’s trainees especially appreciate his expertise in crafting effective processes and workflows using KeyShot.

Training others to become KeyShot experts and move on to rewarding careers gives Don a great sense of satisfaction. He often says: “Their success is my success.”

KeyShot Advanced (RSVP Required)

Lunch-N-Learn Workshop

Sept 13, 2022

Founders Room

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

More advanced 3D rendering topics include custom material creation, modifying and creating custom HDRI environments, creating material templates, working with Model Sets and Studios, and how to render for post processing. Users will gain a deeper knowledge of the KeyShot interface and workflow from start to finish.

Topic Covered:
• KeyShot advanced lighting
• Best use of KeyShot HDRI environments and physical lighting together
• KeyShot advanced material creation
• Material graph introduction

Lunch is provided

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