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Erika Avery, IDSA

Industrial Designer, GE Appliances

Erika Avery is an Industrial Designer on the GE Appliances Industrial Design Operations team. She adds value to the cooking team through the design and development of Global Specialty Products for all GEA brands. She brings a diverse and multi-faceted perspective to the business. A native of Auckland, New Zealand, her studies brought her to the United States, where she graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelor of Industrial Design and a minor in Business Administration.

Before joining the cooking team, she led the end-to-end design function for all Commercial and Retail Air Conditioning products as well as support the Air and Water Business. Her passions are focused upon the intersection of user-centric design and business. This focus influences her approach to designing products that fulfill the needs of expansive and evolving markets. An avid international traveler, Erika has leveraged those travel opportunities to gain critical insights and add significant value to her understanding of design challenges on a global scale. Her insights and observations have proved invaluable in working with global teams and designing products that have a broad appeal across a variety of user groups.

Presentation of the IDEA 2022 Winners

IDEA Ceremony

Sept 12, 2022

Main Stage

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Erika will co-present the winners of the 2022 International Design Excellence Awards competition along with Jason Belaire, IDSA and Marc Greuther.




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