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Hunter Elmore, IDSA

Transportation Design Student, University of Cincinnati

Hunter Elmore, IDSA

My name is Hunter Elmore and I'm a student studying Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati. During my time in the Industrial Design program, I've worked professionally for Hasbro (Nerf), Ethicon (J&J), Tangent Design, and Ford. My design work tends to focus on either mobility or medical/healthcare solutions, but has been quite varied throughout my career. I love design because I truly believe that we have a hand in shaping the future through our products. I'm excited to be graduating in May of 2021, and can't wait to see what's next for my career in design.

2021 Central District Student Merit Award Winner - University of Cincinnati

SMA Winner

Track 3

Wed - Sept 22

9:50 pm EDT

2021 Central District Student Merit Award Winner

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